Welcome to my website, where photography becomes an intimate expression of black and white, revealing the beauty of inspiration, body, and soul.

My vision:
I invite you to a world where each moment becomes a unique work of art.
My photography is a quest for inspiration in everything that surrounds us – from urban
streets to hidden corners of nature.
It’s a place where light and shadow come together in harmony, creating unforgettable
Body in the frame, soul in the detail:
Through black and white, I strive to capture not only the external form but, above all, what lies deep within. My images portray the body in motion and the soul in tranquility, taking the viewer on a journey through the emotions hidden behind each frame.
Depthful minimalism:
Explore contrasts with me, where each shot is not only a record of reality but also a tale of life’s contrasts. Immerse yourself in a world where the beauty of simplicity intertwines with the depth of complexity.
Discover a new perspective on the world around us, following me along the path of black and white emotions.
Join me on this journey through black and white, where photographic stories come to life.
Be inspired, explore, and perhaps share your insights into the beauty that lies in every
Welcome to my world, where time flows differently, and each photo is an attempt to capture a fleeting moment.

International Photography Exhibition:

September 2019

Le Bonheur Est dans L’insta(nt) – Happiness is In the Insta(nt) 


March 2022

Le Bonheur Est dans L’insta(nt) – “Vacant Moments”


July 2022

ASX The Picture Perfect – Infinity of Photography

Bengaluru, Karnataka/ India

Distinction in the 16th edition of the national competition

“Portrait 2022” / todobrykonkurs.pl

Publication of works in the international photo magazine The Light Down 2023

School of Photography Fotografika

Currently – Brodziak Academy