Black and white above all… and huge amount of shades between them.
Why? These colours capture incredible distinction by their simplicity, by being timeless and subtle.
On the other hand they are able to scream with their sharpness. They were, are and will be the perfect form of expression for everybody.

There I am – in love with BW photography. It is where it all began. From old pictures, which deeply affected me and set direction years ago. It is where I feel the best. The constant journey after human feelings, which I can reflect and immortalize. It is an opportunity for me to point things unseen for many. If anything in my work catches your eye, I cannot be more delighted – there is no as beautiful compliment for me as your attention.

In 2019 I exhibited my work on international exposition called Le Bonheur Est dans L’insta(nt) – Happiness is In the Insta(nt)  –, which took place in Warsaw at Old Market Square.
Fabulous, strong experience, but also a chance to get to know other artists and their creations.

You will find some of my work here. It is my “eye”, my sight of people, world, nature, animals or simple everyday things shown through my vision. I am pleased that more and more people falls in love with BW photography and what is more, they desire to be pictured in their surroundings. Habituate in its great depth is lovely, spiritual and gives unimaginable aesthetic sensation as well as shows its strength.